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  • Resource Number: 119
  • Historic Building Name: Hazlehurst Double Residence
  • Current Building Name:
  • Address: 601 N. Cascade Ave.
  • Architectural Style: Late Victorian/Shingle Style
  • Year Built: 1888
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    This house is representative of the Shingle style, popular in the United States during 1880-1900 and reflected in the front gable dominating the façade and the subordinate cross gables, the continuous wood shingle wall cladding, and the almost full-size porch across the front. The strapwork gable face on the façade is rarely seen on a Shingle style house, and represents an important variation. The house is also notable for having originally been a double house (perhaps the first in the city), designed for two families.

    Erected by Dr. Samuel Hazlehurst in 1888, it was built to house the Hazlehurst family and a second renting family. Locally significant.


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