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  • Resource Number: 116
  • Historic Building Name: Half Way House
  • Current Building Name: Charles L.T. Smith Associates, Architects
  • Address: 12 E. Boulder St.
  • Architectural Style: Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals/Tudor Revival/English-Norman Cottage
  • Year Built: 1929
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    This building is significant for its association with the history of health care in Colorado Springs. After World War I, many veterans suffering from respiratory afflictions arrived "chasing the cure." During the early decades of the 20th century, occupational therapy was considered a major component of treatment, particularly for those suffering from tuberculosis. The Half Way House was established to provide this therapy for those "half way" back to health.

    Constructed in 1929 by Mrs. Augusta B. Evans in memory of her husband, William, this was initially a residence but was donated to the Community Chest for use as a rehabilitation center. Mrs. Evans also provided a sizeable endowment. It remained in this use until 1960 when it was sold for use as offices.

    The building represents the English Norman Cottage style in its use of stucco and half timbering, the gabled roof, multi-light casement windows and entrance bay with arched door. Additional features include the twin diagonal chimneys with corbelled tops, panels of herringbone brickwork, lattice-light sidelights and tile roofing. The architect is unknown. National Register eligible.


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