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  • Resource Number: 41
  • Historic Building Name: Ivy's Drive-In/Armando's Mexican Foods
  • Current Building Name:
  • Address: 23 E. Las Vegas St.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Movements
  • Year Built: 1959
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    This building is associated with the development of fast food enterprises in Colorado Springs in the post World War II era. It was built as Ivy's Drive-In, an independent hamburger restaurant. Planned as the first of a chain of fast food restaurants, the distinctive roof and widely projecting canopies may have been an attempt to create an architectural identity, akin to golden arches. The owner and builder was Earl G. Iverson and it opened in October 1959.

    Essentially Modern in style, it used stacked ceramic blocks of varying colors on the building's west side. It operated into the 1960's. By 1988, it was operated as a Mexican food restaurant by Armando and Maxine R. Garcia. Locally significant.


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