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Dorchester Park

Dorchester Park Walking Tour Map
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  • Resource Number: 40
  • Historic Building Name: Dorchester Park
  • Current Building Name: Dorchester Park
  • Address: 1326 S. Tejon St./1130 S. Nevada Ave.
  • Architectural Style: No Style
  • Year Built: 1893
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    Dorchester Park, located at the far southern end of the downtown, was established in 1893. John M. Dorr and his son Mark donated most of the land for the park in 1890. The deed conveying the parcel directed that the park be named Dorchester, and also contained a reversion clause to return the land to the family if the land ceased to be used or properly maintained as a city park. Improvements were slow in development, but General Palmer enabled a transformation from a scattered growth of cottonwoods to an attractive playground.

    The same Memorial Day flood that devastated Monument Valley Park in 1935 also wreaked havoc with Dorchester Park; the initial intent of the City to abandon it prompted an outcry from area residents, and the park's future remained in question for years. The stone picnic shelter at the south end of the park is the only man-make feature that predates the flood.

    The Navy Seebees established the current parkscape in 1949; they used the park for training purposes and leveled it, constructed a levy along the creek and reconditioned water lines. Locally significant.


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