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  • Resource Number: 85
  • Historic Building Name: St. John Bros. Plumbing/Barnes & Stephens Plumbing and Heating
  • Current Building Name: Novis Gallery
  • Address: 206 N. Tejon St.
  • Architectural Style: Nineteenth Century Commercial
  • Year Built: 1895-1899
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    The precise year of construction of this building is unknown. Based on available records, it was built sometime between 1895 and 1899. The earliest known occupant was St. John Brothers Plumbing in 1899. Since that time, this small one-story commercial building has been used by a succession of plumbing companies and various retail concerns. It is representative of the many small retail buildings constructed along Tejon Street and retains a number of its historic features. These include the brick piers with molded concrete bases at each end of the storefront, the decorative cornice ornamentation, and the clerestory windows above the storefront.

    On the south end of the building, next to the cloth awning, sits an antique lamp that displays the name "Handy's," a longtime candy store. The Novis Gallery currently occupies the building. Its architect and builder remain undiscovered. Locally significant.


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