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  • Resource Number: 61
  • Historic Building Name: Municipal Utilities Building
  • Current Building Name: Colorado Springs Public Utilities Building
  • Address: 18-20 S. Nevada Ave.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Movements/Art Deco
  • Year Built: 1931
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    Colorado Springs is unusual in that it owns and operates four distinct utility functions - water and wastewater, as is common, but also the natural gas and electric systems. The expansion into power generation and distribution of natural gas principally resulted from a 1924 bond issue that acquired and constructed needed improvements. During the 1924-39 time period, gas and electric rates were lowered for consumers, power production facilities were expanded and the utilities provided nearly $1.2 million to the city's general fund revenues.

    This building was constructed in 1931 to provide suitable accommodations for the transaction of business and the payment of bills. Strictly "fireproof", and engineered to accommodate two future additional stories, the Municipal Utilities Building was constructed solely from utility revenues.

    Regarded as the best example of the Art Deco style in downtown Colorado Springs, it is clad in polychromatic terra cotta. The building was designed by a local architect, Thomas Hetherington, who partnered with William Douglas to create numerous homes in the North End and buildings on The Colorado College Campus. Hetherington also partnered with Thomas MacLaren to work on the City Auditorium at 231 East Kiowa Street. National Register eligible.


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