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  • Resource Number: 204
  • Historic Building Name: Victoria Apartments
  • Current Building Name:
  • Address: 210 S. Weber St.
  • Architectural Style: No Style
  • Year Built: 1937
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    This is the last of the apartment buildings known to be built by Frank E. Johnson. Others include the Gladstone Apartments (10 Boulder Crescent) and the Crescent Apartments (2 Boulder Crescent), both in the Boulder Crescent neighborhood. A large three-story stucco building with minimal ornamentation, it was erected in 1937.

    The building was the focus of controversy when local architect Charles E. Thomas challenged Johnsonís right to construct the building without the services of a licensed architect. Johnson had originally obtained a permit for a two-story building with two five-room apartments on each floor; he later changed plans to construct this building with a raised basement containing 15 apartments. The State Board of Architectural Examiners upheld Johnsonís right to draw plans for his own building, noting that he had not held himself up as an architect for puban architect for public employment.

    Johnson named the building for Queen Victoria of England. State Register eligible.


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