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  • Resource Number: 189
  • Historic Building Name: Pillar of Fire Church
  • Current Building Name: Springs Reformed Church
  • Address: 229 S. Weber St.
  • Architectural Style: Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals/Mission
  • Year Built: 1924
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    The Pillar of Fire church is associated with the history of religious organizations in Colorado Springs, being constructed in 1924. The church was founded in Denver in 1901 by Evangelist Alma White as the Methodist Pentecostal Union Church. Shortly afterward, she also founded the Pentecostal Union Herald, a periodical, that was renamed the Pillar of Fire in 1904. The church changed its name in 1917 to the Pillar of Fire Church. The next year, White was consecrated senior bishop of the church, thus becoming the first woman bishop of any Christian Church.

    Designed by Charles Thomas, the local architect who served as mayor of Colorado Springs between 1917 and 1921, the structure is considered a Mission Revival style, due to the shaped parapets, quatrefoil window and projecting tower. The church cast $20,000 with the lot and a nearby parsonage. Local historian Manley Ormes reported this was the mission headquarters of the evangelical church, which continues to operate in Great Britain and Africa. Locally significant.


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