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  • Resource Number: 182
  • Historic Building Name: Lennox Residence
  • Current Building Name:
  • Address: 22 N. Corona St.
  • Architectural Style: Late Victorian
  • Year Built: Pre-1895
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    This two story brick building is representative of the late 19th century architecture in working class neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. Built prior to 1895, when Corona Street was known as Oak Street, it was the residence of Mrs. Agnes Lennox in 1900. Her two sons, William and Jon Lennox, were described as being among the most prominent businessmen of Colorado Springs. William's home at 1001 North Nevada Avenue, now part of the Colorado College, is listed on the State Register.

    This home is characterized by a stepped parapet, three chimneys and tall segmented arched windows, but lacks many of the more ornate architectural features of the era. Locally significant.


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