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  • Resource Number: 177
  • Historic Building Name: Santa Fe Pharmacy
  • Current Building Name: Pike's Peak Liquors/King Livin'/Ralph's Barber Shop
  • Address: 401 E. Pikes Peak Ave.
  • Architectural Style: Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
  • Year Built: 1927
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    This building was erected about 1927, and is representative of the small commercial buildings erected on the fringe of the downtown commercial area. Representative features of this type of building include the parapet roofs above the storefronts, the brick composition with tile insets, minimal ornamentation, corner and inset entrance, and large display windows with bands of clerestory windows.

    This building was occupied by the Santa Fe Pharmacy from its opening to sometime in the 1960's. A variety of small businesses occupied spaces over the years, continuing to today. Locally significant.


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