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  • Resource Number: 108
  • Historic Building Name: Acacia Hotel
  • Current Building Name: Acacia Park Apartments
  • Address: 104 E. Platte Ave.
  • Architectural Style: Late Victorian/Renaissance Revival
  • Year Built: 1907
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    The Acacia Park Hotel opened on July 7, 1907 to cater to tourists and business travelers visiting the Pike Peak region. When a fourth story was added in 1910, the 150-room building was called "one of few stylish hotels" in Colorado Springs. The upscale Acacia, with its roughly H-shaped design on the upper stories, boasted "all outside rooms", as well as electric lights, steam heat, telephones, music in the evenings, a café, ballroom, beautiful furnishings, and sample rooms for travelling salesmen.

    The building is an example of the Renaissance Revival architectural style, as reflected in its symmetrical façade, horizontal emphasis, flat roof, rusticated first story, brick quoins and porch with arched openings. Thomas MacLaren was the architect, and Roberts and Bishoff were the general contractors.

    The hotel was acquired by the Colorado Springs Housing Authority in 1973 and converted to a senior center and apartments. In 1989 a $1.6 million renovation of the building was undertaken, resulting in a total of 61 living units for senior citizens. National Register eligible.


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