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  • Resource Number: 101
  • Historic Building Name: Colorado Springs High School
  • Current Building Name: Palmer High School
  • Address: 301 N. Nevada Ave.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Movements/Moderne
  • Year Built: 1940
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    The Colorado Springs High School, now known as Palmer High School, replaced an unsound 1892 school building on the same site. Financed in part by a Public Works Administration (PWA) grant, the building's construction in 1939-40 provided needed jobs and is representative of Depression-era public works spending. The building opened in September of 1940 as the city's only high school. After a second high school was completed in 1959, this building's name was changed to Palmer High School in honor of the city's founder, General William Jackson Palmer.

    The school is a good example of the Moderne style, as reflected in its minimal ornamentation, curved corner, tower with glass block panels and cut-away metal clock, and bands of windows. When built, the magazine Architectural Forum praised the building for its lack of ornamentation. Edward L. Bunts of Colorado Springs was the architect, with Earle A. Deits as assistant architect. Burnham Hoyt of Denver, who served as consulting architect, also played a significant, perhaps predominant role in the design.

    There have been several additions. In 1954, four classrooms were added east of the Nevada Avenue wing. A detached Vocational and Industrial Arts Building was built in the northeast corner of the block in 1955. A new library wing was opened in 1999-2000. All were sympathetic to the original design, and the original building has retained its historic integrity. National Register eligible.


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