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Construction Drawings (Plans & Profiles)

DWF drawings and TIF Group 4 B/W images How to Use these scans

Engineering Plan Submittal Requirements: DWF (CAD-Standard Drawing Web Files)

Use our Internet Map to find and order Construction Plans!

Go to SpringsView (opens a separate browser window) This page remains online.

  • On the left margin, click "Map Contents" and click the plus sign ('+') next to "Dynamic Map Layers" to open four layers. Click the plus sign, 'Public Works" to open 7 different sub-layers. Make Record Drawing Plans visible by clicking the larger box next to the plus sign - a green check mark shows it's active.
  • 'Stormwater Points' and 'Stormwater Schematic Lines' are related to the plans. Activating those layers is recommended. Clicking the plus symbol legend for 'Stormwater Points' yields a description of inlet, outfall and junction types.
  • In the map body, upper left corner, Zoom-in (+), or Pan around using the arrows in the circular compass button. The top menu strip's 'Tools' (a round blue gear symbol) can also be used to zoom, pan, get previous views, measure and print. The Tools pull-down offers even more actions like search/identify, show coordinates, etc.


  • Look for yellow squares bordered in black. At close zooms, drawing number labels appear next to the squares. Details like surface & drainage features are listed when you use the round 'i' (info) button.
  • If no plan shows or you aren't sure which plan you need, pull down the 'Tools' menu and select 'Drawing', place a circle and/or a 'Text' note in the area you need, then 'Print' and save your .PDF map to your local computer. You can then attach the map in your email request for plans.


  • Email a request for plans, specifying the hyphenated 6-digit file number (or call 719-385-5402)

  • This Page Is Purged periodically. Before unzipping or opening these files, we ask you to save them to your local computer and disconnect from our website.

    Smaller TIFFs and DWFs can be emailed directly without having to post them here.

  • Joe Citizen, Crosstown
  • Flood Mitigation zipped powerpoint

  • Note: Zipped (compressed) File(s) should be saved to your local computer and unzipped only after disconnecting from this website.
  • Click Here to e-mail a new request. For faster service, list the file numbers you find in SpringsView (see the green instructions above).

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