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Regional Medical Response System (RMRS)

Regional Medical Response System (RMRS) Background

MMRS LogoThe Pikes Peak Metropolitan Medical Response System (Previously MMRS) was developed under the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant program designed to assist highly populated jurisdictions to develop plans, conduct training and exercises, and obtain needed equipment in order to achieve the enhanced capability necessary to respond to a mass casualty event.  The Pikes Peak MMRS was initiated under a US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) contractual agreement in 2002 and was later transitioned under DHS in 2004 through 2011.   

In 2012, the MMRS grant was eliminated from the federal budget.  Despite this elimination, in July 2012, the Pikes Peak MMRS Steering Committe decided to continue to further develop the medical response system according to the Centers for Disease Control guidance on health care coalitions.  In October 2012, the regional medical response system was officially renamed the Pikes Peak Regional Medical Response System (RMRS) and embraces a regional approach with local jurisdictions. 

Regional Medical Response System Purpose

The Pikes Peak RMRS augments existing local health and medical services for any event that significantly impacts health and medical resources.  This is primarily accomplished by promoting disaster preparedness and coordinating support among regional medical response system members through planning and training exercises in the seven-county region.  The RMRS serves as a regional health care coalition as defined in state and federal guidelines. 

Heath Care Coalition Concept

Heathcare Coalitions are defined as a group of multiple members of the emergency response community that come together to form a collaborative preparedness planning group that provides integration, coordination, and organization for the purpose of regional healthcare preparedness activities and response coordination.

Steering Committe Purpose

The Pikes Peak RMRS Steering Committee represents the relevant local organizations within the region that assist in the planning and development of the medical response system.  The steering committe functions as an advisory board ensuring that operational capabilities, scope of work and resource requirements align with the strategic goals and objectives of the RMRS.  The steering committe also assists by helping ensure that operational plans, training, and exercise activities are updated an/or modified to achieve conformance with the National Prepardness Guidelines and the National Response Framework, to include coordinating structures, processes, and protocols.  Guidance addressing the development of health care coalitions issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) will be considered and integrated as appropriate. 

The Pikes Peak RMRS is sponsored by the City of Colorado Springs and is administered by the Colorado Springs Office of Emergency Management, which resides within the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

For more information regarding local planning efforts, contact the Pikes Peak RMRS program at (719) 385-7282 or at

To view Pikes Peak RMRS Regional Map click here.