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Iles Family

Box 1

Iles Family Bible: (S2001.162)

Photo Album: Photographic album from 1886 belonging to Gertrude Iles. (S2001.162)

(1)1 Family Histories and Correspondence: Contains handwritten and typed lists, stories, obituaries, letters and other documents pertaining to the lives and histories of members of the Iles family. (S2001.162 & S2001.163)

(1)2 Photographs #1: Depicts members of the Iles family. Some photographs are identified, but most in this folder are not. All photographs are black and white and range in dates, circa 1890 to 1972. (S2001.162 & S2001.163)

(1)3 Photographs #2: Depicts members of the Iles family. Most photographs in this folder are identified. All photographs are black and white and range in dates, circa 1890 to 1972. (S2001.162 & S2001.163)

(1)4 Photographs #3: Depicts members of the Iles family. Photographs in this folder are identified and mounted. All photographs are black and white and range in dates, circa 1890 to 1940. (S2001.162 & S2001.163)

(1)5 Correspondence to and from Gertrude Iles Milton DeLano: Includes letters from her daughter, letter to the Countess of Lauderville in England, Western Union telegraphs and handwritten notes. (S2001.162)

(1)6 Documents and Certificates belonging to Alfred Iles: Includes a Queen's Navy certificate, United States citizenship certificate, reference letters, handwritten notes and a postcard from Alaska. (S2001.163)

(1)7 Publisher Letters: Typed letters to and from various publishing companies concerning Alfred Iles' book, What a Life, in 1931 and the same book re-titled, The Log of a Sea-Going Pioneer, in the early 1990's. (S2001.163)

(1)8 Magazine & Newspaper Clippings: Pertaining to the Iles family and mining. Alfred Iles collected the mining articles. (S2001.162 & S2001.163)

(1)9 Music by Alfred Iles: Song titled, "Give Me Your Blessing Dear Mother", written and copyrighted by Alfred Iles in 1931. Includes recording contract and

Library of Congress information. (S2001.163)

(1)10 Memoirs of Alfred Bennet Iles (original): Typed, unbound manuscript circa 1930's. (S2001.163)

(1)11 Benjamin Davies: Documents pertaining to the death of Benjamin Davies and legal documents concerning his care in the Myron Stratton Home prior to his death. Includes his marriage certificate from 1878, a drug store receipt from 1902 (both torn into pieces, re-pieced together in sleeves) and an envelope of pins, a glass diamond and copper ring which were the extent of Mr. Davies belongings at the time of his death. (S2001.162)

Scrapbook by Alfred Iles: Includes a few mining articles, but mostly contains songs and poems by Alfred Iles. (S2001.163)

Manuscript: The Log of a Sea-Going Pioneer, digital copy and digital print out on archival paper. (S2001.163) At the bottom of this page is a link to a PDF copy of the manuscript. You must have Adobe Acrobat or compatible reader.

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