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Elizabeth Schafer Collection

Elizabeth Shafer Collection


Box 1

(1)1      School Certificates - Certificates presented to Elizabeth Shafer for penmanship,
            English, National Honor Society, Highest Honor Awards, Allied Activities, and
            letters of congratulations from the principal.

(1)2      Colorado Springs High School Report Cards - Report cards for Elizabeth
            Shafer from 1939-1942.

(1)3      School Papers - Painted decoration dated 1939 by Elizabeth Shafer, flyer for
            1939 North Jr. High 9th grade banquet, tests, and typed papers.

(1)4      Drawings and Handwritten Notes - Handwritten list of names, drawings by
            Elizabeth Shafer of sports, unidentified people, and historical figures.

(1)5      Correspondence - Various correspondence including a letter for payment from
            the Colorado Springs Mining Stock Association to Addie Keffer in 1924, a poetry
            book card to Elizabeth Shafer, and two letters from Tehee Teheeray in 1939.

(1)6      Bank Books - May Realty Co. payment book circa 1951, Pierce's Memorandum
            and Account Book 1910/1911 & 1905/1906, John B. Brown & Co. booklet 1911
            (blank), First National Bank deposit books for 1913 & 1952, and Exchange
            National Bank deposit books.

(1)7      Bank Documents & Cancelled Checks - Letters from banks, financial
            information, and cancelled checks.

(1)8      Invoices / Bills - Livestock invoices, invoice / confirmation from H.B.
           McCorkle M.D., check receipts, 1930 water rent notice, Colorado State Hospital
           invoice, Hibbard & Co. invoice, 1952 Acme window cleaning invoice, 1923 City
           of Colorado Springs invoice, and  funeral invoice for Mary Jane Kerns from Swan
           & Sons funeral home.

(1)9      Tax Documents - Special tax forms, tax sale certificates of redemption, and tax

(1)10    Insurance Documents - 1925-1928 Fire insurance policy from the Manchester
           Assurance Company, 1935 fire insurance from McKibben Insurance Agency,
           1947 Insurance from Rouse & McHone Realtor and Insurer, and a 1944 insurance

(1)11    Legal Documents - Deeds of trust, 1919 court summons for Leonard W. Keffer,
            and 1931 warranty deed.

(1)12    Valentines - 8 Valentines for Elizabeth Shafer.

(1)13    Western Union Forms - Blank Western Union Telegraph forms, full size and
             half sheets.

(1)14    Ephemera - Easter puzzle on wood, Easter flowers card, Lincoln-Lee Legion
            membership card supporting prohibition, empty envelopes, ticket book from
            Colorado College for the winter 1943-1944 season, notepad from the Denver
            Zephyr Railroad (blank), color printed card from Gowdy's depicting each state's
            license plates in 1956, mileage rations, Nob Hill Dairy tabs, advertisement cards,
            photo card of Cliff Thompson, and Seven Falls visitors cards.

(1)15    Work Cards, ect - Postal cards, Seven Falls, bus passes, and a working card for
             the railway.

(1)16    Photographs - Photograph of an unidentified building surrounded by trees.
            Manitou Cliff Dwellings photograph circa 1900 (relocated to oversized

(1)17    Booklets - Webster's Self Pronouncing Vest Pocket Dictionary 1900, As a Man
           Thinketh, by James Allen, 1939 "National School Music Competition", and 
           "Likeness of America 1680-1820" Fine Arts Center.

(1)18    Informational Booklets - 1924 booklet What Every Married Women Should
           Know by William J. Fielding, 1921 booklet Instructions for Expectant Mothers
           and the Care of Infants by Elmer Lee Timmons M.D., 1904 "Ladies Notebook and
           Calendar" (blank), 1905 booklet from the Armstrong-Turner Millinery Co., and
           How to Use Cement by the Plant of Portland Cement Company.

(1)19    Books - Light and Color by Charles P. Parkhurst, My Folks came in a Covered
           Wagon (pioneer stories), The Dionne Quintuplets: Our Third Year, and the Culture
           Book and Canning Guide.

(1)20    CBS Pictures - Black and white photographs of popular CBS radio personalities
           including; Helen Hayes, Artur Rodzinski of the New York Philharmonic, Jimmy
           Durante, Garry Moore, Andre Kostelanetz, Claudette Colbert, Agnes Moorehead,
           Conrad Binyon, Whit Burnett, Joan Edwards, Norman Corwin and Curt Massey.

(1)21    1944 CBS Postcards - 46 Caricature postcards of CBS stars including; George
           Burns, Gracie Allen, James Melton, John Nesbitt, Jean Tennyson, Lionel
           Barrymore, and Frank Sinatra.

(1)22    Postcards - 40 postcards, blank on back with pictures of trees, flowers, fruit and
           Cactus on front of card.

Box 2

(2)1      The Myron Stratton Home - Triennial Report for 1943, 1944, and 1945.
            Includes pictures and a war update.

(2)2      First Presbyterian Church - Flyers for church services and activities.

(2)3      Broadmoor - 1961, 1962 & 1972 Broadmoor Bonanza Spring/Summer
            booklets, newspaper clippings, typed papers, letters, photographs, and statistics.

(2)4      Garden of the Gods - Newspaper clippings, typed papers, photographs,
            magazine articles, flyers for Easter Sunrise Service, postcards, press releases, and

(2)5      Hibbard's - 1914 "Greater Hibbard's Grand Opening" flyer, and newspaper

(2)6      Colorado Pamphlets - Historical Souvenir of Central City Colorado 1895-
            1949, Colorado's Mineral Wealth, Views along the Denver Rio Grande Railroad,
            The Rockies of the Winter Residence by Henry F. Cope, Colorado's Beauty Spots,
            In South Cheyenne Canon - with pen and ink, official calendar of events for
            Colorado Springs in 1959.

(2)7      Colorado Photograph Books - 1904 The Views that Made Colorado Famous,
            and 1911 From Colorado Springs to Manitou on the StreetCars.

(2)8      Pamphlets & Flyers - Various pamphlets and flyers collected by Elizabeth

(2)9      Train Pamphlets - Time tables for the Southern Pacific Railroad, Burlington
            route, Santa Fe, Rio Grande Moffat Tunnel and Royal Gorge route, Rock Island,
            Pikes Peak, Manitou CogWheel route, and scenes on the Cripple Creek short

(2)10    Newspapers - North Jr. High School papers from 1937-1939, "Movie Star
            News" 29th edition, and a May 1941 Lever from Colorado Springs High School.

(2)11    Newspaper Clippings - From the Denver Post, Gazette Telegraph and Rocky
            Mountain News, includes clippings about the announcement of Albert Einstein's
            unified field theory, clipping from the movie "Scipio Africanus", and various
            cartoons glued on paper.

(2)12    Various Magazines - The Golden West Magazine April 1909, 1921 Daily
            Dozen magazine, 1946 Learning to Crochet, 1949 McCall's, 1937 Hollywood,
            Popular Songs magazine, Stars of Radio, Melvin Purvis - Secret Operations
            Manual, Capt. Frank Hawks - Sky Patrol Pilot's Manual, and 9 Venture kids

(2)13    Women's Digest - Seven magazines with covers missing.

(2)14    Family Circle - Magazines from Nov. 4, 1938, March 20, 1942 and 2 from
            Oct. 20, 1944.

(2)15    Magazine Clippings - On various subjects from various magazines including
            articles on Transportation, Protecting the American Home, and a feature called "Is
            it True?".

(2)16    Picture Clippings - Various color pictures clipped from various magazines.
            Includes pictures by Revere F. Wistehuff, Monte Crews, John Newton Howitt,
            Hugh J. Ward, J.F. Kernan, and Russell Sambrook.

(2)17    FDR, JFK & Royal Family Magazine Clippings - Clipping from various
            magazines about JFK's funeral procession, the life of FDR, the death of FDR, the
            Royal family, and marriage of the princess.

(2)18    Politics - Senator John F. Kennedy election materials, democratic supports cards
            and correspondence.

(2)19    Maps - Hand drawn map of Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri , and a
            map of Colorado Springs circa 1939. (9 oversized maps relocated to map

(2)20    Marjory Alva Reed Farrington - Spiral bound book of poetry by Marjory
            Alva Reed Farrington called "Time Tumbler", and a 1995 flyer for her memorial
            service at Shove Chapel.


Box 3     

           Movie Poster Books, Magazines & Ephemera -
1945 Universal poster book for "This Love of Ours",
RKO Radio Pictures poster book for "Notorious",
United Artists poster book for "Angel on My Shoulder",
Warner Pressbook for "Deception". 
Look magazine from Jan. 26, 1954 titled "Earnest Hemingway Goes to Africa",
Holiday magazine from Sept. 1952, includes an article titled "Colorado Tourist Review", color poster titled "Pikes Peak in Autumn" by Charles R. Bunnell with certificate of authenticity, (placed in oversized graphics)
Oversized cardboard Charlie McCarthy puppet. (placed in oversized ephemera 8D)

Maps to Map Collection

Box 4

           Phonographs - 2 records and a book titled John Fitzgerald Kennedy ... As We Remember Him.  A bound record set that includes Rec-O-Tours by Elizabeth Shafer of Seven Falls and Cheyenne Canyon, Pikes Peak, Cave of the Winds, The Garden of the Gods, the Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico, and the Denver Mountain Parks.  It also includes records with the songs "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life", "Indian Love Call", "Will You Remember?", "Farewell to Dreams", "Dusty Road", and "Through the Years".  6 records titled F.D.R. Speaks Out, 2 records titled John F. Kennedy: A self-portrait, and 2 records titled Churchill- In His Own Voice.