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City of Colorado Springs / City Engineering / HES Projects / Hazard Elimination and Safety (HES) Program / East Platte Avenue Safety Project

East Platte Avenue Safety Project


Project area
East Platte Avenue between Hancock Avenue and Union

This is a safety project. 
Platte Construction Complete
Project Complete
An analysis of E. Platte Avenue between Union Boulevard and Hancock Avenue indicated a significant relationship between accidents and turning movements along the corridor.  Accident data and traffic analysis showed that the majority of accidents are rear-end or side-swipe accidents caused by vehicles making left turns from E. Platte Avenue.
An extensive public involvement process was implemented with a focus on developing informed consent of impacted stakeholders for a design solution.  The City of Colorado Springs has received federal hazard elimination grant funding to construct improvements to E. Platte Avenue and address safety of this six-block section of the corridor.
The selected safety improvements for E. Platte Avenue from Hancock Avenue to Union Boulevard include constructing a 2-foot median from just west of Meade Avenue to Union Boulevard, widening E. Platte Avenue 7-feet for a length of approximately 50-feet from Union Boulevard and tapering back to the Walgreens access, construction of right-in/right-outs with 40-foot radii and 14-foot lanes on the north and south sides of E. Platte Avenue at Sheridan Avenue, Foote Avenue, and Farragut Avenue, and construction of a right-in/right-out at Logan Avenue on the north side of E. Platte Avenue only.
The project was completed in August 2012.
Questions or concerns about the project, construction or traffic impacts should be directed to the project manager.

Colleen M. Dawson, City PPRTA Project Manager




PDF - Accident Summary August -December 2009   ACCIDENT SUMMARY AUGUST -DECEMBER 2009spacer(85.6KB)
Accident Summary August -December 2009.pdf