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705 S Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719-444-7000 (General)
Contact: Office of the Chief
Email: chiefoff@ci.colosp. . .
Hours: 24 Hours a Day

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Colorado Springs Airport Police

Colorado Springs Airport Police - Yes Unload at the Curb

Why are vehicles not allowed to PARK, WAIT,or be left   UNATTENDED at curbside?

The potential for terrorist acts remains a concern at airports worldwide. Cars stopped near the terminal building pose a significant safety hazard because they provide the perfect delivery vehicle for explosives. In addition, vehicles blocking the curb makes access to the airport difficult for emergency vehicles. Finally, the federal government mandates airport security requirements relating to vehicles near the terminal. As a result, we must have restrictions on curbside operations. Drivers are not allowed to park and wait for passengers to arrive. Passengers must be at curbside waiting for their rides. Any unattended vehicles may be ticketed or towed. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to keep the airport a safe environment.

Colorado Springs Airport Police - Yes Unload at the Curb

How Do I Drop Off or Pick Up Passengers? 

Pull up to the curb, stop only to unload or pick up passengers with their entire luggage. When you have finished, move on immediately, DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended, parked and/or waiting for your passenger. Do not park on roadways around the airport. Only park in designated areas, otherwise you may be subject to a parking ticket and your vehicle may be towed. When picking up passengers, it is nearly impossible to make your timing coincide with a passenger's arrival. Please use Short/Long Term Parking or the Cell Phone Lot located on the main road leading to the Terminal.

Free Passenger Pick-Up Lot

The Cell Phone Lot is located on the East side of Milton Proby Pkwy as you approach the airport terminal. This free passenger pick-up waiting area is designed to allow persons picking up passengers to park away from the curb while they wait for their passengers to call. When the passenger is waiting on the curb ready to be picked-up, the driver can pull up and load the passenger without violating curbside parking restrictions. Note: Drivers must remain with their vehicles while using the Cell Phone Lot.

Parking Violation Fines

  • Parking or Waiting at curbside.......$50
  • Leaving your vehicle unattended.......$50
  • Vehicle running unattended.......$50
  • Stopping in traffic lane.......$60
  • Stopping in crosswalk.......$60
  • Parking on private ground.......$60
  • Parking in handicap zone.......$100