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License/Permit Applications and City Code

Business Licensing Quick Facts

  • The City Clerk's Office is open to the public on Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm
  • The City Clerk's Office only accepts Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa and MasterCard for payment
    • For Medical Marijuana Licenses, ONLY certified funds (e.g. certified bank check, cashier's check, money order) payable to City of Colorado Springs will be accepted.
    • Checks should be made payable to: City of Colorado Springs
    • For the State portion of fees due for Liquor Licenses, a check or money order payable to Colorado Department of Revenue is required

Applications and Forms

Business License Applications and City Code


License Type

Application Form

City Code
Alarm Company Application PDF 2.3.4
Circus / Carnival / Menagerie Application PDF 2.2.1
Coin-Operated (Game Room, Operator, Non-Operator) Application PDF 2.2.3
Concrete Contractor  Application PDF 3.3.5
Escort Bureau Application PDF 2.3.6
Escort / Escort Runner Application PDF 2.3.6
Excavation Contractor Application PDF 3.3.2
Food Peddler (Peddler of Food Wares) Application PDF 2.3.7
Going Out of Business Sales Application PDF 2.3.9
Pawnbroker Application PDF 2.3.8
Pool (Billiard and Pool Tables) Application PDF 2.2.2
Refuse / Trash (Ash, Garbage, Refuse, Trash and Rubbish Hauler) Application PDF 2.3.5
Security Agency (Security Officer Letters) Application PDF 2.3.2
Security Officer (for new licenses only) Application PDF 2.3.2
Security Officer Renewal (for renewals only) Application PDF 2.3.2
Sexually Oriented Business Application PDF 2.4.1
Taxicab Driver (for new licenses only) Application PDF 2.3.10
Taxicab Driver Renewal (for renewals only) Application PDF 2.3.10
Tree Service Application PDF 2.3.3

To review City Code applicable to all business licenses, go to Chapter 2, Article 1 of the City Code(Links to specific sections are found in the table above)

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Security Agency Letters required for Security Officer Applicants 

These letters are for Security Agencies ONLY.  They are to be completed by the Security Agency and provided to the Security Officer prior to the officer applying at the City Clerk's Office.

Letters to be completed by Security Agency for Security Officers
Letter of Hire for Temporary License for Security Officer Letter PDF
Request for Permanent License for Security Officer Letter PDF
Letter of Transfer for Security Officer Letter PDF
Request for License Endorsement for Security Officer Letter PDF

Liquor Permit Applications and City Code

The City Clerk's Office also processes and issues liquor licenses and permits. Contact (719) 385-5106 for information.  Liquor license applications must be obtained from the City Clerk's Office.  Liquor permit applications can be downloaded below.

Liquor Permit Type

Application Form

City Code
Liquor Tastings Permit ApplicationPDF 2.5.205
Liquor Tastings Server Permit ApplicationPDF 2.5.205

To review the City Liquor Code, go to Chapter 2, Article 5 of the City Code(Links to specific sections are found in the table above)


Medical Marijuana Licensing

Please visit our Medical Marijuana Licensing page.

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