Wynetta Massey
Interim City Attorney


Wynetta Massey
City Attorney

 A native of Independence, Missouri, Wynetta Massey holds bachelor’s degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia in speech communication (with honors) and political science.  Having no identifiable or marketable skills upon graduation, Wynetta entered the University of Kansas School of Law and discovered an affinity for municipal law during her 2d and 3d years as a law clerk for the City of Kansas City, Kansas.  She began her practice with Hayes, Phillips & Maloney, a municipal law firm in Denver, upon graduation in 1989, and then accepted a Prosecutor position with the Colorado Springs City Attorney’s Office in 1990.  Rising through the ranks, Wynetta now serves as the City Attorney and leads an Office of 25 attorneys and 16 support staff. 

Wynetta’s primary legal expertise is in the areas of municipal law, land use and legislative drafting.  She has spoken at conferences and CLEs on a wide range of topics including takings, local land use authority, ethics and conflicts, medical marijuana regulation, and the council-mayor form of government. 


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