Artifact Donation Request

The mission of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is to collect, preserve, research, and interpret the history and culture of the Pikes Peak Region.  Because of our mission, artifacts and archival materials need to help document the history of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.  Objects and archival materials should have been made or used in the area and have some clear and specific aspect of the Pikes Peak Region History.

Please do not bring the object(s) to the Museum without an appointment with the appropriate staff member.  Front desk staff cannot accept donations.

* Full Name 
* Address 
* City 
* State/Province 
* Zip 
* Phone 
* Email 
* Description of Artifacts
* How does this object(s) relate to the history of the Pikes Peak Region?
* What person, place, institution or event does this object(s) help to Document in the Pikes Peak region?
* Name of the original and subsequent owner
* Date of original owner's birth/death
* Relationship to donor
* Biography of original owner or user (family information, occupations, organization affiliations, etc.)
* Are you the legal owner of the object(s)?Yes
Legal Agent
* Was the object(s) purchase new, used, inherited, or found? Where (if known)?
* Have there been any other owners or users of the objects? (Please list full names).
* Object(s) History. Please be as specific as possible. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FIELDS! We base our decision on whether to accept a donation based on its usefulness to the Museum, and the object's history is vital.