Required for ANY work done on Public Trees (City Code 18-4-102)

* Name 
* Address 
* Zip Code 
* Phone 
* For Use At (Address) 
* Company Doing the Work (this must be a licensed tree service) 
* Work to be Done 
* Reason for Work 
* Tree Species, Size, Location, if known 
Special Requirements 

General Information and Requirements: The above work will be done in a first-class manner. Stump removal is required with any tree removal. A forester shall review all root pruning before the work is done. Root pruning will be done with a saw so that clean cuts are made. This permit may be revoked at any time by the City Forester. It is the responsibility of the permittee to repair any damage to improvements. If the work is done in an inappropriate manner, the permittee may be billed for any damage to the tree(s) or required to correct it. To protect yourself, use only licensed tree companies. Click here for complete list. City Code 8-3-302 requires a license for persons who operate or engage in a tree service business for hire.