Mail Dispo Form

If you live more than 50 miles outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado; OR , have special considerations (e.g. you are serving in the military, have medical issues) we may request a mail disposition. To be considered, complete the "Mail Dispo Form" below with all of the information requested and click on submit.

There is a $25.00 court cost charge assessed for mail dispositions.


City of Colorado Springs, City Attorney's Office
Robert Isaac Municipal Court Building
224 East Kiowa Street, Room 410
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Telephone Number: (719) 385-5925
Fax Number: (719) 385-6438

To be considered for a mail disposition of your case, please complete the following requested information.

The City Attorney must receive your request for a mail dispo AT LEAST 48 hours BEFORE your court date. If the request is not received AT LEAST 48 hours BEFORE the court date, an active bench warrant will be issued for your arrest for failure to appear. To delay a bench warrant for 60 days, your mail dispo must be received AT LEAST 48 hours BEFORE your court date.

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If charged with cumpulsory insurance, please include your policy number, name, and phone number of the agent and date of coverage.
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You will receive a confirmation within 2-3 business days from the City Attorney. If you do not receive one, you must call 719-385-5925 to verify receipt of the request.

In approximately 2-3 weeks you will receive a letter and plea agreement which must be completed and returned with your check or money order. Your plea agreement will be based on your driving record. Fines and costs do not change when points are reduced. We do not accept credit cards and cannot give you a payment plan.

Once your request has been received, we will put a stay of execution on your court date so that you won't have to appear on the stated arraignment date. You cannot contest your ticket through the mail.

If you have an active bench warrant for not appearing at your court date, it will stay in effect until your mail disposition is completed.