City employees show smart commuter sensibilities

When commuting by bike, 1,190 miles is a long way to ride.  That is approximately the same distance from Colorado Springs to Chicago. 


During the week of April 20, City of Colorado Springs employees participated in the My City Rides Challenge accumulating more than 1,190 alternative transportation miles by reducing solo commutes to work.  Metro Rides and the City Green Team issued the My City Rides Challenge in celebration of Earth Day to encourage carpooling, bicycle commuting and bus riding in support of our planet?s health.  My City Rides Challenge bicyclists saved an estimated 105 pounds of CO2 emissions, carpoolers saved 139 pounds and those who rode busses saved 404 pounds in this one week alone. In addition, numerous City employees nominated Bob Rais (Youth Director at Meadows Park) to win the Rocking Rider 2009 title and prizes.


Rais shows year-round dedication to alternative transportation by riding his bicycle and taking the bus at every opportunity.  In addition, Rais encourages the youth he mentors to incorporate green modes of transportation into their lifestyles by starting a bicycling club and using Mountain Metropolitan Transit to transport 40 kids to various in-town field trips, familiarizing them with bus schedules and routes. 


As Rocking Rider 2009, Rais was recently presented with a crown made out of bike tire inner tubes, a bike pump scepter, a bag made of old recycled Downtown banners, a gift certificate to Country Root Farms and Haul Passes provided by Mountain Metropolitan Transit. 

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