Did You Know: Ecosystem Services

Sadly, traditional gauges for performance of products has neglected to factor in natural capital, leading to a depletion of the natural environment and the loss of valuable ecosystem services.  You may be familiar with the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profit.  When you address each of those bottom lines, it is clear that sustainability can drive innovation and growth.  The following links highlight challenges and opportunities many have faced to create a sustainable business, ensure a fair society, and to live within environmental limits.
The Nature Conservancy/DOW Collaboration 2012 Progress Report  An annual progress update on The Nature Conservancy and DOW’s experimental attempt to incorporate the value of nature into business decisions. 
Valuing Natural Capitol  A report on 24 major corporations who are committed to valuing natural capital by reducing risks, cutting costs, enhancing their brands, and growing revenues.
Valuing Ecosystem Services from Wetlands Restoration in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley  A 2009 study assessing the value of restoring forested wetlands by quantifying and monetizing ecosystem services.


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