Colorado Sustainability Conference Oct. 25 & 26 at the Colorado Springs Crown Plaza

Exhibitor booths (starting at $295) and sponsorships (ranging from $500 to $10,000) are available, call 719-471-0910 for more information.

Keynote speakers:

  • Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, will present “The Business Case for Sustainability”
  • Greensburg, Kansas Mayor Bob Dixsonand Executive Director of Greensburg GreenTown nonprofit Executive Director, Daniel Wallach -- Together they will discuss how Greensburg, Kansas turned a natural disaster into an opportunity to become a leader in sustainable building
  • Weston Solutions, Inc. Senior Vice President Stephen Mitchell -- Mr. Mitchell will offer case studies and discussion on repurposing power plants and other brownfields to become economic or parkland redevelopment.
  • International Adventurer and Author – Jason Lewis-- Mr. Lewis will present “Lessons in Sustainability – An Explorer’s Tale”

Breakout sessions:

  • Moving Forward Following the WaldoCanyon Fire
  • National Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Day Odyssey 2012: Getting up to speed on AFVs and advanced technology vehicles
  • U.S. EPA's Federal Green Challenge
  • Conservation Success: Implementation of today’s high-efficiency technology in our city, homes, business, and environment
  • Sustainable Building Strategies for Business and Home
  • Colorado College BMPs in Sustainability and Colorado Springs Community Survey Results
  • Sustainability Practices in Hospitals and the Medical Field
  • Engaging Employees in Successful Wellness Programs
  • Clean Technology Business Development in the Southern Colorado Region
  • After the WaldoCanyon Fire: Preserving water quality in Fountain Creek
  • "Repurposing" Byproducts and Waste of Industry
  • Sustainability Implementation and Tracking: Municipal successes and sustainability indicators
  • Urban Garden Success, Opportunity in our Community, Cooking Demo
  • Water Law 101: Our precious resource and its careful management
  • Energy Efficiency and Net Zero Practice Policy and Results on Military Installations
  • 50 Ideas in 50 Minutes: Sustainability in higher education
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