Free City street tree program back - applications due March 16

Tree benefits:

  • Keep our air fresh by supplying the oxygen we breathe and absorbing the carbon dioxide emitted by factories and engines. Some trees also trap and filter out dust and pollen on their hairy leaf surfaces.
  • Save energy. Trees are natural air conditioners - they lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves. Trees can also reduce home heating and cooling costs. Large, broad-leafed shade trees are most effective shading the east and west windows from summer sun while keeping south-facing windows open to the winter sun reduces the need to heat in winter.
  • Act as barriers, which help cut noise pollution and slow strong winds.
  • Stabilize soil and prevent erosion. Trees also absorb and slow down stormwater, which keeps pollutants out of our waterways.
  • Provide food for humans and animals and shelter us from direct sun on hot summer days.
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