City of Colorado Springs / Community Portal

Community Portal

The City of Colorado Springs is dedicated to providing our citizens, businesses and visitors with a web site that is easy to use and comprehensive.  Our goal is that you can find the information your need quickly and efficiently without having to wade through multiple sections.

The new portal design was a collaboration between the City of Colorado Springs, various citizens volunteers and non-profit representatives.  After assessing the existing site and reviewing many other government sites, we took the best practices and implemented them in our new design and navigation structure.

Large navigation categories are displayed in blue and drop down navigation is provided for all sections.   We have used wording that citizens use (not government jargon).  We have provided portal sections (green sections in the drop down navigation) that bring together information from all-across the site into one easy to use page.  The gray navigation are the most popular or frequently used pages within that section.

The home page was also rebuilt to provide you with even more information in one easy to use page.  We have provided a rotating banner of upcoming activities; a list of Hot Topics which link to more information; a listing of news releases; a list of the most popular / most frequently visited pages; a list of services which can be paid for online; a list of current RFPs; a list of popular forms and of course a list of upcoming events on our calendar section. 

These changes were brought about by comments from you, our citizens!  If you have ideas or comments regarding the web site, please feel free to send them to our Webmaster.   We encourage your feedback so we can continue to make our website truly world class!