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Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries

Evergreen Chapel
Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries are Colorado Springs oldest continuously-operated cemeteries. Evergreen was established shortly after the town was founded in 1871, and deeded to the City of Colorado Springs in 1875 by city founder, General William Jackson Palmer. As such, 220-acre Evergreen Cemetery enjoys a very unique historical tie to the Colorado Springs community. In 1993, Evergreen was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, only the second cemetery in the state to receive such an honor.

A colorful look at the history of the area is provided by Fairview Cemetery. Tucked inside a Westside Colorado Springs neighborhood, the 32-acre cemetery exudes charm and history. It boasts the grave sites of many fascinating figures who were instrumental in establishing the history of Colorado City, founded in 1859 as a supply town for gold prospectors.

We invite you to visit, tour our facilities and learn about the services we provide. You are welcome to drive, bicycle, or take a leisurely stroll through either cemetery and enjoy the serenity that both have to offer.






Historic Evergreen Chapel
Evergreen Historic Chapel

Evergreen Cemetery

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Fairview Cemetery

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Cemetery Cleanup Periods
The cleanup periods are designed to clear the cemetery grounds of
materials interfering with daily maintenance of the cemetery or its aesthetic appearance.
March 1-15
June 15-30
November 1-15

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