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Mail Code 910
130 S Nevada Avenue, 2nd Floor, southeast corner
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719-385-5681
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Easy Park Cards can be used at parking meters in the downtown area as well as in Old Colorado City.

Learn more about using
your Easy Park Card.

Easily reload your Easy Park Card at any of the following kiosks:

218 N. Tejon St.
(in front of Jose Muldoon's)

6 S. Tejon St.
(in front of U.S. Bank)

127 E. Vermijo Street
( NW corner of Vermijo St
& Tejon Street)

107 N. Nevada Ave.
(on the southeast side
of City Hall)

2418 W. Colorado Ave.
(in front of Michael Garman Gallery)


Paying a City of Colorado Springs summons/parking ticket online is simple, fast and convenient.

Click the button above to go to the online Payment Application.

Only credit card payments are accepted online.

Please have your ticket number, summons/case number, and credit card available.

All payments will be recorded within 48 hours of approval.

In the event you find a
meter that is not functioning properly, please report it to the Meter Repair Shop as soon as possible.

You can phone in the information below to: (719)385-5627, or send an email to Parking Meters.

Please provide the following information:

Daytime Phone Number:
Meter Location/Address:
Letters and Number from Meter Pole:
Brief Description of Problem:




The mission of the Parking System is to provide safe and convenient public parking in the Central Business District and major activity centers throughout the City of Colorado Springs in a cost effective manner.
In the early 1970's, The City of Colorado Springs established the Parking System Enterprise (parking system). The parking system is responsible for providing convenient and affordable parking for employees, customers and visitors to the downtown and Old Colorado City areas. The parking system owns and operates five off-street public parking facilities (three parking structures and two surface lots) consisting of 2,703 spaces, plus approximately 2,360 on-street metered parking spaces throughout the same areas. The parking system constitutes an "enterprise" which can be defined as a self supported, publicly owned business, that receives all of it's funding from user fees. No tax money is used in any of these operations.