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Vincent Drive Extension and Bridge


New signalized intersection on Nevada opened July 14, 2011
New signalized intersection on Nevada
Project Description: Due to cost-savings based on their proximity to each other, the Vincent Drive Bridge Replacement and Vincent Drive Extension PPRTA projects were combined into one design process.

The construction of the project was separated into two phases, (1) Vincent Drive south from Dublin Boulevard to Nevada and (2) Vincent Drive north from Dublin Boulevard including the Cottonwood Creek crossings.  The first phase consisted of the extension of a new roadway from Dublin Boulevard to the North Nevada Frontage Road and a new signalized intersection at Nevada Avenue.  This phase  included a trail/sidewalk that  extended from the creek south through the project area.

Construction of the first phase was completed in late 2011.  Blue Ridge Construction, Inc. was the City's/PPRTA contractor for the construction.  Drivers now have access from Dublin to I-25 via the Rockrimmon/Nevada Interchange.

Click here to view the Vincent Construction Phases.

The second phase moved the Vincent/Dublin intersection easterly to the existing Current-USA driveway at Dublin Boulevard and provided a stop condition for southbound Vincent Drive to enhance safety.  The roadway  crosses over the existing arch stone masonry culverts and the project included rehabilitation of the culverts.  Construction of the second phase was completed in late 2012.   Blue Ridge Construction, Inc. was the City's/PPRTA contractor for the construction.

A third phase of the project was added to stabilize the Cottonwood Creek channel downstream of the Phase 2 crossing.  A Federal Grant was approved by FEMA to aid in the stabilization of the creek.  The design of this phase has started and should be completed in lated 2013.

Project Schedule: Public meetings on the project design were held in 2009 and 2010.  Construction of Phases 1 and 2  is complete. 

Public Meetings

Project Hotline: 719-578-5225 Ext. 10

Project Managers: Clyde Pikkaraine, City PPRTA 719-385-5464; Mike Chaves, City Engineering 719-385-5408