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FAQ - Property Information / Evidence
Property / Evidence Information
How do I retrieve my property from the Police Department?
Appointments are required for property releases.
You may call the Evidence main number at 719-444-7744 during normal business hours to schedule an appointment. Please provide us with your name, a CSPD case number (where applicable), a serial number or other descriptive information so we can efficiently locate your property.
What are the Property/Evidence Unit hours of operation?
Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Closed City Holidays
Can I come down and look for my property?
Unfortunately, we can not facilitate this request.  The Evidence Unit is a secure facility and receives thousands of items per month.  We make every effort to match and return property to its rightful owner. 
Property owners can protect themselves in advance by taking photos, recording serial #s, and keeping receipts for all valuables.
I turned in found property, when can I claim it?
Any item turned into the Evidence Unit as found property is held for at least 60 days to attempt to locate an owner.  If the item has not been claimed, it may be eligible for release to the finder under certain circumstances.  Please contact our office for further information at 719-444-7744.
How do I retrieve property that was held as evidence?
The Evidence Unit does not release evidence without written authorization from the agency handling the case.  This may be the investigator, the District Attorney’s Office, another law-enforcement agency, or the court.  Contact the Evidence Unit to inquire about the case status. Please provide your name and CSPD case number.
If I am unable to pick up my property, can I send someone to pick it up?
Someone other than the owner may claim your property once they provide Power of Attorney or a Notarized Statement authorizing them to claim the item(s) on your behalf. The document must indicate the name of the person picking up the property as well as an inventory of items they are authorized to claim. The person picking up your property must make an appointment with the Evidence unit, and bring a valid photo I. D.
Firearms:  In some instances firearms may not be transferred to a third party based on the circumstances.  Contact the Evidence Unit for further information before attempting to transfer a firearm
What forms of identification are required to pick up property?
We accept driver's licenses, resident alien cards, state identification cards, valid picture identification, and birth certificates. Without proper identification we will not release any property.
What happens to unclaimed property?
Unclaimed property that has no value or is contraband is destroyed. Property that has value can be donated, converted to department use or sold at public auction per Colorado Springs Municipal Code 9.1.206.
Citizens can view and/or bid on auction items via the internet at You can select “Browse” and “Colorado Springs Utilities” to view items from local agencies (such as CSPD) who also utilize Colorado Springs Utilities for auctioning unclaimed property.

If a crime victim locates what they believe to be their stolen property through Colorado Springs Utilities Public Surplus, they should contact CSU Investment Recovery to advise them of the stolen property. They should also then contact the detective handling their case.

Is the process for retrieving firearms different from other types of property?
Firearm appointments are held Thursdays from 1PM - 3PM. Please call the Evidence Unit at 444-7744 to schedule an appointment. Before any firearm may be released, you must contact the Evidence Unit so that certain checks can be completed. This is mandatory and ensures that you are eligible to own the firearm. This process takes at least 72 hours. Firearms will only be released 3 days out from the scheduling of an appointment. Please be sure to provide a current, working phone number with voicemail capability in the event the Evidence unit needs to relay important information about your firearm appointment. Firearms will not be released without secure and verifiable I.D. If you are attempting to authorize another individual to claim your firearm, they will need to present secure and verifiable I.D., as well as a valid Power of Attorney or Notarized Statement. You can fax any documentation to the Evidence Unit for advance review to ensure it meets all requirements for release.

Firearms and ammunition will not be released on the same day. You will need to make a separate appointment for the release of any ammunition.