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Fire Investigations Unit


Mission Statement

To promote a safer community and reduce fire incident frequency, monetary loss, and resulting injuries and deaths through a professional and comprehensive investigative process encompassing origin and cause of fires as well as the arrest and conviction of fire starters.


Investigations Unit History

The Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) Investigations Unit was founded in 1977 under the management of the Division of the Fire Marshal, at that time referred to as Fire Prevention Division, using fire inspectors to investigate the origin and cause of fires. Upon determination of fire cause, the criminal cases/arson fires were given to the Property Crime detectives of the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) for follow-up. This process proved to be inefficient due to the lack of knowledge police detectives had in the field of fire behavior.

On February 21, 1980, an agreement was signed by Deputy Chief Neal Stratton and Deputy Chief Eldon Boyer stating that the primary authority and responsibility for fire investigations and arson prosecution would be with the CSFD.

The CSFD, through cooperation with the CSPD, adjusted their program by sending three fire investigators to the CSPD Training Academy, giving them arrest powers as level two police officers, undercover status. The first class of certified fire department law enforcement officers graduated in 1980, beginning the foundation of our present Investigations Section. 


The Investigations Unit Today

The Investigations Unit consists of two fire investigators. These investigators conduct their fire origin and cause investigations as a standard operation procedure upon fire knockdown. This team concept provides early identification of fire cause evidence, providing the investigator the ability to photograph and collect criminal evidence before the firefighting destroys or alters vital evidence.  The investigation section works to identify fire cause patterns helping to target areas for community education and prevention measures.  The Investigations team is located in the Division of the Fire Marshal at the Fire Department Complex.

Contact Information

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