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frequently asked questions

Someone may be impersonating a Police Officer

Q: What should I do if I’m pulled over by someone I feel may be impersonating a police officer?

A: This is a problem that the Colorado Springs Police Department deals with from time to time. The police department takes this matter very seriously because of the potential danger it poses to our citizens.

The majority of traffic stops conducted by the Colorado Springs Police Department are done by officers driving police cars or motorcycles that are marked with CSPD decals. The police department does have a variety of unmarked vehicles but often they are operated by a uniformed officer. If a citizen is pulled over by one of these unmarked vehicles the officer’s uniform should make it clear they are a member of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Every officer, while on duty, is required to carry an identification card and badge. This card contains the name and picture of the officer. It is also policy that each traffic stop is announced over the radio in order to notify the dispatcher. This can be helpful in the event that someone is pulled over and is uncertain as to whether or not the “officer” is a real police officer. By calling the CSPD non-emergency number (444-7000), a dispatcher can tell you right away if it is a CSPD officer that pulled you over. If you still feel uncomfortable you can always ask dispatch to send a second officer to your location.

Rarely do plain clothes officers conduct traffic stops, but it does happen on occasion. Once again, all officers will have their badge and I.D. with them and dispatch will be made aware of the stop. If you do not have access to a cell phone, and the officer does not have his/her credentials with him/her, ask the officer to call for a marked police car or request that he follow you to the nearest police station. Do not get out of your vehicle or go anywhere with this individual until they provide you with their credentials or until a uniformed officer arrives on scene.