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Colorado Springs Police Department

Traffic Complaint Report

The Traffic Complaint Report was designed to address the increasing number of citizens desiring to make complaints against other drivers.

The Traffic Complaint Report form will allow the complainant to:

  • Document the violation;
  • Describe the driver and vehicle;
  • Verify if the complainant can identify the driver; and
  • Indicate if they are willing to testify in court.

To use the Traffic Complaint Report:

  • Print off the form (At this time, we can not accept the form electronically as we must witness you signing the form.)
  • Fill it in (but don't sign it)
  • Bring it into one of our four Area Commands (addresses below)
  • The PSR at the front desk will witness your signature. The Report will then be reviewed by an Officer of the Colorado Springs Police Department, who will determine what action, if any, should be taken. Should adequate probable cause exist to file formal charges, your testimony may be needed for successful prosecution.

Traffic Complaint Report

If you have any questions, please call

Falcon Division (Northwest)
7850 Goddard Street
719 - 444 7240

Gold Hill Division (Southwest)
955 West Moreno Avenue
719 - 385 - 2100

Sand Creek Division (Southeast)
4125 Center Park Drive
719 - 444 7270

Stetson Hills Division (Northeast)
4110 Tutt Blvd
719 - 444-3144