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Calls For Service Request Form

A "Calls for Service search" will provide a computerized printout of a call screen which is filled in by police department employees who answer the main phone lines. These call screens are utilized to dispatch officers to a specific location requested by a citizen. The screen includes a caller’s name, location officer is sent to, the date and time officer(s) are dispatched and a brief description of the reason the officer is being sent to the location. All Call Screens are released in accordance with current Colorado Revised Statutes, so some of the information on the call screens may be redacted (blacked out) when you receive it.

If you are requesting Call Screens for a wide range of time, or the location requested has a large number of calls (i.e. a local bar or apartment complex), the time it takes to process these calls greatly increases. In this instance the fees required to provide copies of individual call screens may be greater than a computer generated list of dates officers have been sent to an address as described in the next paragraph.

If you do not require individual call screens, but you are interested in knowing the frequency police have been sent to a particular address over a certain time frame, we can provide a computer generated list of dates officers have been sent to an address. This would not show the brief description of the nature of the call, nor would it give the callers name. But will show the type of call. Many people prefer to obtain this list, and the information is sufficient for their needs.

Fees: See Schedule of Fees.


A citizen can request a call for service by:

Completing, printing, and returning the request form located on this web page, with the appropriate fee to the Records Release Unit. The form can be:

  • Returned via US Postal Service to the address listed on the form
  • Brought to the Police Operations Center and placed in the appropriately marked drop-box in the lobby.

Please note that the form can be picked-up from any Area Command, but for fiscal security purposes , completed forms cannot be turned in at the Area Command Substations.


Please pay all fees  by check or money order made out to the "City of Colorado Springs" for the exact amount.