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Background (Record) Check Request

Background checks conducted through the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) includes information on persons charged by the Colorado Springs Police Department, or records generated at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Facility (booking information on criminal charges). CSPD background checks do not include any statewide or nationwide records, and our searches are not complete record checks. Additional record information may be obtained from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations in Denver, Colorado. If you require a statewide or nationwide search, please contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at 303-239-4300, or visit their website located at

Criminal Records maintained by the Colorado Springs Police Department are retained permanently unless our department receives a notice from court to seal such record(s). Background checks will include all record information that is releasable under current Colorado Revised Statutes. Our Department does not maintain disposition information. If this is what you are seeking, please contact the appropriate court for that information.

County/District Court 719-448-7700

Municipal Court 719-385-5922.

Background check:
A background check is a search through the Colorado Springs Police Department’s local records to obtain criminal and traffic records on a named individual.

Required Information to conduct local background check:
The Colorado Springs Police Department requires the full name and date of birth of the person for which the background check is being requested. This ensures that the record has been correctly identified prior to the release of the record. This procedure is in compliance with the Colorado Revised Statutes which requires positive identification of an individual prior to a background check being released.

What the citizen will receive:
The citizen will receive a printout of an individual’s local record, which includes arrest data.

What the citizen will NOT receive:

  • Juvenile criminal records. Juvenile records are only releasable to the juvenile’s parent or to the juvenile once the juvenile has reached adulthood.
  • Records that belong to another law enforcement agency.
  • Dispositions


No local background check:
If there is no local record, the citizen will receive a letter from the Colorado Springs Police Department advising that no local record is in the Colorado Springs Police Department’s files. If the citizen requires that this letter be notarized or certified, the citizen should advise the Department of this at the time the request is submitted.

Fees: See Schedule of Fees.

A citizen can request a local background check by:

Completing, printing, and returning the request form located on this web page, with the appropriate fee to the Records Release Unit. The form can be:

  • Returned via US Postal Service to the address listed on the form
  • Brought to the Police Operations Center and placed in the appropriately marked drop-box in the lobby.

Please note that the form can be picked-up from any Area Command, but for fiscal security purposes , completed forms cannot be turned in at the Area Command Substations.