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Colorado Springs Police Department

Police Accident Reports


The Colorado Springs Police Department maintains accident reports of traffic accidents that are investigated by Colorado Springs Police Department officers which occurred after 2001. Traffic accidents which occurred before 2002 should be requested through the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles in Denver at 303-205-5793.

All accident reports are released in accordance with current Colorado Revised Statutes. Not all information is releasable on all reports. Therefore, the copy of the report you receive may have areas which have been redacted (blacked out).

Required Information to obtain an Accident Report:
The accident report number & the driver(s) name or the driver (s) name, the location and the date of the accident.

What the citizen will receive:
A copy of the accident report, which includes the driver(s) information, insurance information, narratives written by the investigating officer, drivers’ statements, witness statements and any follow-up by traffic investigators.

What the citizen will NOT receive:
Any traffic accident report that is under investigation that may result in criminal charges. If it is determined that the accident is no longer on file with the Record Section or cannot be released, all fees will be refunded, and the citizen requesting the report shall be notified accordingly.

Fees: See Schedule of Fees.

A citizen can request a traffic accident report by:

Completing, printing, and returning the request form located on this web page, with the appropriate fee to the Records Release Unit. The form can be:

  • Returned via US Postal Service to the address listed on the form
  • Brought to the Police Operations Center and placed in the appropriately marked drop-box in the lobby.

Please note that the form can be picked-up from any Area Command, but for fiscal security purposes , completed forms cannot be turned in at the Area Command Substations.



Please pay all fees  by check or money order made out to the "City of Colorado Springs" for the exact amount.

Please make sure your read all the instructions for obtaining an Accident Report.