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City of Colorado Springs / City Engineering / PPRTA Projects / Academy/Fountain and Academy/Pikes Peak

Academy/Fountain and Academy/Pikes Peak

Project Description:
The City combined these two safety projects into a single design and construction contract. Design and construction of intersection improvements were made to reduce traffic congestion and accidents at these intersections.

The completed Fountain and Academy Intersection
The Fountain and Academy intersection as completed
Fountain Blvd. Intersection
  • purchased of right-of-way
  • widened of Academy Blvd. north and south of Fountain Blvd. to accommodate improvements associated with left-turn lanes for both northbound and southbound traffic
  • minor widening of Fountain Blvd. west of Academy to provide an additional eastbound right-turn lane
  • signal re-timing
  • pedestrian ramp/sidewalk improvements
The completed Academy and Pikes Peak Intersection
The completed Pikes Peak and Academy Intersection
Pikes Peak Ave. Intersection
  • purchased of right-of-way
  • widened Pikes Peak Ave. east and west of Academy Blvd. to accommodate installation of left-turn operation for both eastbound and westbound traffic
  • signal re-timing
  • Bus pull-outs for City Transit
  • improved corner radii
  • pedestrian ramp improvements

Total Project Cost: $1.86 million
Project Schedule: Design/ROW/Bid - August 2005 to February 2007; Construction - November 2006 to June 2007.
Project Manager: Andy Garton