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Reference Materials

No charge for Online Versions. Printed copies on sale at City Office Services

Click here for Standard Specifications and Traffic ManualsClick here to go to Subdivision Policy ManualClick here for the Drainage Criteria Manual Volume 1Click here to go to the Drainage Criteria Manual Volume 2



Construction Plans (Record Drawings), Approved Engineering designs
     Order & Download, Instructions for SpringsView:  Construction Plans

     Self-Serve Index Map without instructions: SpringsView

 EDR - Engineering Development Review Team Documents
      Development Plans, Drainage Reports, Grading/Erosion Control, Geohazard Reports, etc.: SubdivView Search Engine

       Environmental Constraints map

Drainage Basin Planning Studies
     Now online here. For questions, contact EDR at 30 S. Nevada, Suite 401, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
     Phone (719) 385-5979

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