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Did You Know?

The installation of curb and gutter, sidewalks, paving and  most utilities is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.  In new subdivisions, for example, the initial costs to construct the public improvements are borne by the developer.  These costs are in turn passed along to the property owners with the sale of the property.  Generally, other than special capital improvement projects, the City does not pay for the initial construction of streets, alleys, sidewalks, and similar public improvements.

Maintenance of existing public curb and gutter, existing sidewalks, paved streets, or graveled roadways and alleys, if constructed to City standards and approved for maintenance, is the responsibility of the City. The costs to maintain these types of existing roadway infrastructure are primarily funded with PPRTA maintenance funds.

The maintenance and repair of water and wastewater service lines are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.  Utility water and sanitory sewer mains, gas mains and services, and electric primary and secondary lines, constructed to Colorado Springs Utility's standards and approved for maintenance, are the responsibility of Colorado Springs Utilities.

In some instances, the City Council can order the formation of a Local Improvement District (LID), even though majority consent of the assessable ownerships is not obtained.  However, the district under consideration must meet certain criteria.

Improvements included in an LID are generally constructed by private contractors with contracts awarded to the lowest acceptable bidder. The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids and contracts include a two year warranty. Adjacent property owners pay for the final actual costs of the improvements included in the LID, plus a 10% district charge, through assessments levied against their property after the construction is completed.

To initiate a proposed Local Improvement District project, citizens can call 385-5918 to discuss the proposed improvements with City Engineering staff and obtain a petition.