City of Colorado Springs / Sales Tax / Sales/Use Tax Ordinance

Sales/Use Tax ordinance

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Article 7 - Sales and Use Tax

Part 1 General Provisions
Part 2 Tax Rate
Part 3 Taxable Transactions, Commodities and Services
Part 4 Exempt Transactions, Commodities and Persons; Deductions
Part 5 Licenses
Part 6 Taxpayer Liability
Part 7 Books, Records, and Accounts
Part 8 Tax Returns and Payments
Part 9 Administration
Part 10 Offenses; Failure to File, Pay
Part 11 Liens
Part 12 Methods of Enforcing Collections

Article 8 - Commercial Stables Entertainment Tax

Article 9 - Lodgers, Campground and Automobile Rental Tax

Article 10 - Motion Picture Theater Admissions Tax

Article 11 - Bicycle Excise Tax