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City of Colorado Springs / Housing Development / Homeless Prevention / Initiative to End Homelessness in Colorado Springs

Initiative to End Homelessness in Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, quality of life is our most important value and our biggest competitive advantage.  Yet, rates of homelessness continue to persist at unacceptable levels, specifically among veterans, youth and families with children.  The costs of homelessness are significant in both actual dollars and public perceptions about the safety and vitality of our community.


Six Primary Goals

  1. Increase access to emergency shelter, especially during winter months.
  2. Facilitate development of a day center offering comprehensive services and amenities.
  3. Expand outreach programs to reduce street homelessness.
  4. Increase access to stable and affordable housing.
  5. Strengthen the Community's Continuum of Care
  6. Develop a 10 Year Plan to end homelessness with strong community buy-in.

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