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Police Blotter

Colorado Springs Police Department
Police Blotter

What is ETACS and how did it come to be?

In the Fall of 2000, the Colorado Springs Police Department implemented the ETAC (Enhanced Tactical Communications) System. The system allows PD personnel to input data related to crime, calls for service and other tactical information via our intranet site. This information is then sent to a database where all PD employees can view this data in real-time via CSPD Connections, our intranet site. This System has been a tremendous tool within the Department to disseminate information throughout the Department in a timely and cost effective manner. As part of that program, the Department designed the Police Blotter System for use on our internet site. The Police Blotter System displays specific ETACS data which has been approved for the media/public via our internet site. ETACS/Police Blotter records represent only a small fraction of the daily calls for service.

All individuals arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty. All information posted to our internet site via our Police Blotter program is preliminary data and is subject to change. Any and all Blotter contents must be verified with the Public Information Officer or the Division responsible for posting the Blotter information BEFORE it is broadcast or used in a publication.

By entering the Police Blotter site, you implicitly agree that you will not broadcast or publicize this data without verifying it with the CSPD Public Information Office or the respective posting Division.

You also agree that this information is not to be used to intimidate or harass any person or persons listed in the Blotter. All information is preliminary data. Until individuals are proven guilty in a court of law, they are still presumed innocent.