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City of Colorado Springs / Housing Development / Programs and Services / Housing Rehabilitation / Applications, Documents and Forms

Housing Rehab Applications, Documents and Forms

PDF - Loan Program Guide   LOAN PROGRAM GUIDEspacer(75KB)

Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program Guide

Word - Disability Verification   DISABILITY VERIFICATIONspacer(204.5KB)

Architectural Barrier Removal program verification of disability, to be completed by a doctor or other medical professional or a reliable third party who is in a position to know about an applicant's disability

Word - Common Law Marriage Affidavit   COMMON LAW MARRIAGE AFFIDAVITspacer(211KB)

The employee and common law spouse both must complete and sign an Affidavit of Common Law Marriage, and a notary must witness both signatures

Word - Lift Agreement   LIFT AGREEMENTspacer(204KB)

For recipients of a platform lift, stair glide, or ramp provided by the City of Colorado Springs through the Architectural Barrier Removal Program

PDF - Privacy Policy   PRIVACY POLICYspacer(22.7KB)

City of Colorado Springs Housing Development Division's policy to protect information provided by customers who apply for programs and services

Word - Program Authorization   PROGRAM AUTHORIZATIONspacer(208KB)

Form that landlords must complete in order to authorize work to be performed at the request of a tenant

PDF - Renovate Right   RENOVATE RIGHTspacer(1592.6KB)

Lead-based paint hazards information for families, child care providers and schools

Word - Manufactured Home Park Authorization   MANUFACTURED HOME PARK AUTHORIZATIONspacer(206.5KB)

Form that owners of manufactured home parks must complete that authorizes modification to be performed on their property

Word - Zero Income Verification   ZERO INCOME VERIFICATIONspacer(205KB)

Applicant's certification that no income is received from a list of sources

PDF - 2014 Housing Rehabilitation Application   2014 HOUSING REHABILITATION APPLICATIONspacer(198.3KB)
2014 Application.pdf

Fillable application form to apply for all Housing Rehabilitation Assistance programs