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Joint Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and TOPS Working Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 2, 2014; 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
El Pomar Penrose House, 1661 Mesa Avenue, CSC 80906

Quick Facts about the TOPS Program
  • July 1997 Colorado Springs established the TOPS open space conservation program
  • At City Council's direction, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board created the TOPS Working Committee
  • TOPS is funded through a 1/10th of 1 percent sales tax for trails, open space and parks and expires in 2025.
  • In 2003 voters approved extending the TOPS program through 2025.
  • TOPS Protected Open Space Exceeds 6,178 Acres!
  • TOPS has built over 32 Neighborhood Parks!
  • TOPS has constructed over 46 miles of Urban Trails!

Quick Facts about TOPS Funded Open Space

  • Currently, the TOPS Program has funded $46,164,050 for 13 open space projects!
  • TOPS funds have been used to leverage over $26,229,667 million matching funds in the form of grants and donations.
  • TOPS open space projects conserve land on grasslands, bluffs and mesas, foothills, stream corridors and riparian areas.
  • Total Open Space acres preserved through TOPS partnership and acquisition is 6,178 acres.
  • Map of TOPS funded open space projects and budget

Open Space shall serve the following:

  • Linkage and trails, access to public lakes, streams, and other suitable open lands, streams corridors and scenic corridors along existing highway;
  • Preservation of fragile ecosystems, natural areas, scenic vistas and areas, or important areas supporting bio-diversity, natural resources, and cultural historical and archeological areas;
  • Creating spatial definition of and between urban areas;
  • Areas of environmental preservation, designated as areas of concern;
  • Conservation of natural and visual resources, example: forest lands, range lands, and surface water;
  • Lands within or adjacent to parks or public open lands;
  • Preservation of land for educational opportunities and outdoor recreation areas limited to passive recreation use, example: hiking, photography, or native studies.

Quick Facts about TOPS Funded Parks:

  • By the end of 2009, the TOPS Program has funded $11,391,950 for 32 park projects!
  • TOPS funds have been used to leverage $8,247,314 from grants, donations and matching funds.
  • Over 197.15 acres of neighborhood and community parks have been developed with TOPS funds.
  • TOPS funded park projects and budget by year

Parks shall serve the following:

  • Irrigated multi-purpose turf playing areas for both youth and adult baseball, softball, etc.;
  • Individual picnic areas and group picnic pavilions;
  • Playgrounds; and
  • Restrooms, drinking fountains, and storage areas.

Quick Facts about TOPS Funded Trails:

  • Currently, the TOPS Program had funded $11,332,050 for over 57 urban trail projects.
  • Over the next 20 years, the City has planned for the development of approximately 135 miles of additional urban trail.
  • Through creative partnerships, TOPS funds have been used to leverage an additional $3,210,000 in the form of grants, donations and matching funds.
  • Map of TOPS funded trail projects and budget by year

Urban trails shall serve the following:

The current Urban Trails Master Plan document was approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in 2005 and is used to help guide city staff in the planning and construction of the city's urban trail system. The Master Plan is typically reviewed and updated every five to ten years and is then re-approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.


Pond at Red Rock Canyon
Past and Current TOPS projects Maps

Agenda and Minutes Information

Jason Alwine
P.J. Anderson
Paul Franco
Ian Kalmanowitz –CHAIR
Jeff Mohrmann
Kirk Samelson
Leslie Thomas
Becky Wegner
Emily Epstein, Alternate
Joe Lavorini, Alternate