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City of Colorado Springs / Public Works / Fleet Management

Fleet Management

100 Best Fleets logo Fleet Management - A Division of Public Works

Fleet Management maintains over 4,500 vehicles and pieces of equipment for the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs Police Department, Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority and other customers.  It has been selected as one of the 100 Best Fleets.  In 2012, Fleet was awarded 10th place, making the list eight consecutive years and the third time in the Top 10.

Every year, the city's vehicles travel over 10,000,000 miles. Our mechanics service over 50 different types of equipment and vehicles at 8 locations, including a full-service body shop operation.   Fleet has four blue-seal Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified shops and our mechanics are over 98% certified as ASE technicians (60% master certified).

Fleet operations are supported by the first Blue-Seal ASE certified parts operation in the nation.  Fleet Parts is responsible for the procurement of stock and non-stock parts for the variety of equipment being used in the daily operations of the city.

Fleet is also responsible for the fuel purchasing for the entire City, Colorado Springs Utilities and Transit operations, and actively works to provide cost effective solutions for our customers. 


Our Mission

To deliver responsive support to meet the administrative, operating, and maintenance requirements for the fleet of vehicles and equipment used by the City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities.


Four Key Functions of Fleet

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Fleet maintains a preventative maintenance schedule for every vehicle in the fleet.  The preventative maintenance program has three main goals. First to reduce overall fleet costs, second to lower overall vehicle downtime and third to provide service that does not adversely affect the City/Utilities’ ability to provide a high level and quality of services to residents.  The preventative maintenance program is in accordance with professionally recognized fleet management practices and principals and meets or exceeds the OEM specifications, warranties and recommendations.

Fueling (Including Mobile Service)

There are over a dozen different fueling locations around the City which Fleet manages and tracks.  Fuel is available to all City and Utility owned vehicles at 5 locations and an additional 8 locations are restricted to Colorado Springs Police and Utility vehicles only.  Fleet also negotiates and purchases unleaded, diesel and E85 fuel for City and Utility vehicles. 

Fleet fueling operations include mobile trucks that hold thousands of gallons of unleaded and diesel fuel for on-location fueling.  Fuel is provided at all hours of the day and night and during emergency situations.  

Vehicle Repairs and Body Work
(Including Field Service)

Fleet provides all routine mechanical repairs to the fleet.  Priorities can change on a daily basis depending on emergencies, work priorities, and the availability of backup units. Fleet provides all customers a completion time (ETR) estimate for repair services. 

Fleet provides a "Quick Fix" service for repairs that take less than one hour when the vehicle operator delivers the vehicle to the garage and chooses to wait for service.  This service is provided during normal hours of operation.

Fleet also provides repairs and preventive maintenance services in the field (Field Service) for City and Utility owned vehicles. 

Fleet currently operates a full service Body Shop. All technicians have ASE and/or I-CAR certifications.  Fleet outsources large vehicles that cannot be accommodated by the City Body Shop. The Body Shop is responsible for removing all units from service, to include the removal of decals and other special equipment ( i.e. emergency lighting, sirens, cages) designated by the customer.

Vehicle Acquisitions, Disposals and Licensing

City Fleet handles the acquisition, disposal and licensing of vehicles operated by the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Utilities and others.  We have Alliance Agreements with several major manufacturers and vendors that significantly reduce the costs and wait times on acquiring new vehicles and equipment.  Fleet provides complete life cycle management for the vehicles including initial acquisition, titles, renewal of plates, registrations and disposal of the vehicle. 



Other Services Provided by Fleet Management

Oil/Fuel Sampling

Vehicle Inspections

Tire Service

Warranty and Recall Work

Towing/Transporting Vehicles

Road Testing

Welding and Fabrication

Opacity Inspections

Aerial Inspections

DOT Inspections

Maintenance of Fire Apparatus and Equipment

Maintenance of Police Department Emergency Generators

Waste Management

Snow and Ice Operations

Parts and Inventory Management