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We're Moving Websites!  Check out the new and improved ColoradoSprings.Gov. Learn about our vision for the new site, our plan for ongoing improvement through citizen involvement and how you can help the Springs be a pioneer in civic websites.City of Colorado Springs Student Internship Program

Do you want to learn more about municipal government?  Do you want to get some “real world” experience?  Every semester, the City of Colorado Springs Internship Program will hire college students to work part-time to gain this experience.

This program was developed to give students the opportunity for a hands-on experience with City staff, to learn about local government, and to gain professional experience while going to school.  This experience will allow you to make important contributions and bring new ideas to the City while working in one of our departments.  

Benefits of an Internship Program

For the Student:              

For the City:

Requirements for Student Interns

Internships are hourly positions with the City and receive no benefits except those required by law.   These hourly positions will terminate upon completion of the academic term.

For questions or more information, please contact Amy Smith, the Internship Coordinator, at