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City of Colorado Springs / City Council / Proclamations


Proclamations are ceremonial documents signed by the president of City Council. They do not require city council action and are typically issued in order to:

  • Promote arts and cultural celebrations that are City sponsored or advance City priorities
  • Promote national awareness of educational, health, victim’s rights, and other issues that are sent to Washington, D.C. to be included on a permanent list
  • Raise public awareness of local issues that impact the health and safety of residents
  • Support charitable fundraising campaigns that benefit a majority of Colorado Springs residents

Proclamations recognizing individuals will generally not be considered unless they concern Colorado Springs:

  • Citizens
  • Business owners
  • City employees and/or local officials who are recognized for their outstanding service to the public
  • Retiring military officials who have made a significant contribution to the Armed Forces and are/were stationed at one of our local military bases

 Proclamations will not be issued for:

  • Campaigns or events contrary to city policies
  • Events or organizations with no direct relationship to the City of Colorado Springs
  • For-profit causes
  • Matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs or individual conviction
  • Pending ballot or legislative issues

Presentation of Proclamation at City Council meeting

Only proclamations related to city-sponsored events or programs or in recognition of outstanding community service are read and presented at meetings. A representative should be available at the meeting to receive the proclamation and make a few brief remarks about the subject of the proclamation.