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Why Redesign

Over the last several years, the City has conducted surveys of the citizens who have used   Comments from users noted that the site was hard to navigate and information was difficult to find.  The Information Technology and the Communications Departments brought together citizen volunteers, non-profit representatives and various content owners to assess the current site.  This group analyzed and a wide-array of other government websites.  After the analysis, the group came up with recommendations on redesigning the home page to make it more useful and updating the navigation to make it easier to find information. 

The City is excited to bring you our new design.  As part of the Mayor's plan to make “the City of Colorado Springs the most business and citizen friendly city in the United states”, we have removed the "government speak" from navigation items and moved away from a department centric display of content.  This upgrade is on-going we will look at streamlining and removing government jargon from each department site as well as look at moving even more services online. 

Quick overview…

Main navigation  has a top-level portal page (green) and most used content (gray).  You can go straight to the content you need by clicking on the gray content or click on the green top-level, portal page and you will be able to view links to all related content.

Home Page   has rotating images and content that is current and what is happening in the City.   Below the rotating content you will see a table that provides “Hot Topics” or current items of interest, “News”, “Most Popular”, “Pay For”, “RFPs” and “Forms”.  This table puts the most accessed/requested topics front and center on the home page so we can get you the information you want quickly and efficiently.

Calendar / Events   are now displayed on the right side.  The upcoming six events will be shown on the homepage but you can click the “View All Events” link to see a complete calendar of upcoming events.

Footer   provides another way to access the main navigation items / portal pages AND also displays the City’s most recent “Tweets”.

Customer Service   button on home page as well as on the right side of all other pages.  If you have a question, need assistance, want to report an issue (pothole, drainage, etc.), you can just click the button from any page and submit your information online.  Your request is then automatically routed to the appropriate department for a response.

Search has not been upgraded yet but will be in the near future.